Sex Addiction, What It Means And How To Heal

Sex Addiction, What It Means And How To Heal

Porn addiction is therefore recognized by psychiatry as a full-fledged disease.

Porn addiction is one of many behavioral addictions, midway between sexual addiction and technology addiction.

The use of pornographic material is not new in recent times, pornography has always existed, in the form of images, sculptures, representations. Pornography use is not bad behavior in itself, and generally has no negative consequences. How masturbation can be a healthy way to satisfy oneself and to know one’s tastes in the sexual sphere.

However, the problem of pornography addiction is linked to the advent of online pornography. One immediately wonders why, if pornography has existed for millennia, this addiction is so recent.

In the virtual world the user has an almost infinite availability of material, which determines a great Hyperstimulation for the brain. Hyperstimulation causes the brain to become addicted to the stimulus, so that it becomes necessary to raise the bar more and more. More and more extreme material, more and more explicit and in ever more massive doses.

How Pornography Leads Sex Addiction?

Pornography is any audio or visual material that represents explicit sexual activity and even it leads sex addiction.

Let us now briefly define what porn addiction is. There is no quantum criterion to define addiction, there is no threshold of how much pornography you need to watch, or for how long, and to be considered an addict. What configures addiction is compulsive desire, and the inability to give it up.

One of the serious consequences of this addiction is the loss of interest in real life affects, sex, and any other type of activity. The porn addict can also have repercussions in the workplace, especially when the use of pornographic material leads to problems of insomnia. It is a typical behavior of the porn addict to spend all night awake, perhaps because the night is a period without commitments and intrusions.

The pornographic offers today is practically unlimited, the sex material industry is constantly growing and adult sites are among the most visited ever. This supply of pornographic material, unlimited in quantity and vast in choice, creates in the employee an irrepressible desire to have more and more, without being able to stop. As per the Sexologist Doctor in Jaipur, sex addition can be treated as there are various therapies that provide a variety of techniques and tools that help the individual change their behavior.

How To Recognize It

It is not easy to recognize pornography addiction, as only a minority of users of pornography develop an addiction. One hardly talks openly about one’s pornography addiction, masturbation is still a rough subject for most. Sometimes it is difficult to recognize the addiction even for the person involved.

Let’s now list some signs that can cause alarm, a sign of probable porn addiction:

  1. Hide your conduct from others.
  2. Feeling a sense of shame and guilt about your behavior.
  3. Achieving orgasm is the only way to stop enjoying pornography.
  4. Viewing pornographic material takes up more and more time in the day, to the point of neglecting social relationships and interests.
  5. Loss of sexual desire in real life.
  6. Sexuality is experienced only from the physical point of view, and not from an emotional one.
  7. Attempts to break the addiction, failing.

Compulsive sexual addiction can be difficult to treat, as a person may rationalize their behaviors and thought patterns. People who engage in compulsive sexual addiction may deny that there is a problem.

Current treatment options aim to reduce mental health symptoms and manage any excessive urges to engage in sexual relations. Methods also encourage the nurturing of healthy habits and relationships.

The following treatment options are available:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Prescription medications


If you are constantly thinking about sexual content, pornography or other activities then you need to consult with the best sexologist in Jaipur. There are various top sexologist doctors in Jaipur that treat their patients with the solutions.


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