5 Tips For Dealing With Depression, Details Inside

5 Tips For Dealing With Depression, Details Inside

As the fall is in full swing, our spirits take off from the leaves and drop to their lowest point. Lack of light, falling temperatures, rain, there are many reasons for this seasonal depression which overwhelms us.

People suffering from seasonal depression experience many symptoms of traditional depression: irritability, sadness, lack of energy, increased appetite, weight gain, etc. And these symptoms return at the same time each year that is, starting from the month of October, when the sunshine time decreases significantly.

Fighting depression is becoming one of the most important health issues in the 21st century. Every best psychiatrist in Jaipur providers the best tips to get rid of depression.

If this is your case or if someone you know is affected by seasonal depression, here are some tips to push it back by the return of spring.

1- Do light therapy

This is the first thing to add to your life if you tend to get depressed when fall arrives. The light therapy application 20 to 30 minutes a day and you will really feel less tired and less depressed. Plus, those few minutes will be time just for you. Get in the habit of enjoying your lamp while you enjoy your coffee each morning. Also, read the article buying guide for a light therapy lamp. You can also purchase a wake-up light that simulates dawn to wake you up gently.

2- Continue to exercise and eat well

When grayness sets in, it is more difficult to maintain good training habits and healthy eating. The second serving of apple pie and the bag of crisps are much more tempting than the idea of ​​putting on your boots and coat for a walk in the rain (or snow) at night when it is already dark in your exit from the office.

Here are some tips to maintain your good habits:

  1. Go out for a walk in the morning, get busy on your property to pick up leaves, shovel your driveway, or do other tasks if you are able.
  2. Find yourself a training partner (you will be less tempted not to go!)
  3. If you don’t feel like playing sports outside anymore, sign up for a gym, a dance class, something you will want to do. Or, if you have the motivation enough, switch to an online training channel. You will find some great ones on the web and you can also try 7 days of free yoga.
  4. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself properly. Often, when it is cold, we tend to drink less, but we must not relax. Add herbal teas and teas to your routine, in addition to warming you up, they will help you stay hydrated.
  5. To fill a deficiency you may have, including a vitamin D supplement in your routine.

3- Take A Vitamin D Supplement

Consult your pharmacist who can advise you on a vitamin D supplement adapted to your needs to add to your diet to reduce the symptoms of a deficiency, including seasonal fatigue. You can take advice from the best psychologist in Jaipur for vitamin D supplements.

4- Turn to medication, if necessary

Despite your best efforts to fight seasonal depression, you may need medication to make you feel better. We are talking mainly about antidepressants that your doctor may prescribe depending on the severity of your symptoms.

Remember that seasonal depression is just another illness and may need to be treated with pills. And just because your neighbor can cope with the symptoms doesn’t mean you can. Listen to your body and respect your limits. If medication is the solution for you, do not deprive yourself of it, although it can be difficult to come to this conclusion. Thus, you can consult with the best psychiatrist doctor in Jaipur for medication.

5- Learn about psychotherapy

According to a study, cognitive behavioral therapy would be effective in treating seasonal depression. If you have the possibility, begin psychotherapy with a therapist who has this approach to help you better deal with the lack of light. This form of therapy would also have long-term effects on the symptoms of seasonal depression. This is a good investment for your mental and physical health.


To fight depression, look for new techniques, new medications, and new ways of dealing with depression. Apart from these, there are plenty of ways you can choose to overcome the problem related to depression. For better and quick results, you can consult your problem with the best psychologist doctor in Jaipur.




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