Agoraphobia claustrophobia

Agoraphobia/ claustrophobia

Phobia is a fear of any situation or any object.
Symptoms of agoraphobia claustrophobia:

1. Person is fearful of public transportation (auto, taxi, bus, trains, metro, plane)
2. Person is fearful of spaces (shopping malls, market, cinema hall, crowd)
3. Due to phobia person avoids these objects or places or situations.
4. Person’s phobia is out of proportion the actual danger.
5. Sometimes person requires a companion to relieve the phobia.

How common is phobia?

Almost 5 – 10% people of the society suffer from phobia. Women suffer more than men from phobia.

Why to treat phobia?

Phobia (fear) causes distress to the person.

So person tries to avoid situation or object or places which are generally not avoided by other people.

Phobia reduces person’s confidence.

Due to regular distress person may feel inferiority, may become dependent on others, may undergo depression.

Sometimes person starts taking alcohol and other drugs to reduce their phobia.

How to treat phobia:

1. CBT: Cognitive behaviour therapy
2. Insight oriented psychotherapy
3. Exposure therapy
4. Relaxation
5. Breathing exercises
6. Medicines

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