Anxiety disorder or generalized anxiety disorder

  1. Person suffers from anxiety, worries about events, activities and life.
  2. Anxiety or worries are difficult to control
  3. Person feels restlessness.
  4. Irritability.
  5. Muscle tension.
  6. Disturbed sleep.
  7. Worrisome thoughts.
  8. Anxiety causes distress and impairment in social & occupational life.

How common is anxiety disorder?

Almost 5% people suffer from anxiety disorder.

Women : men ratio is 2 : 1

Many times person with anxiety disorder suffers from other mental or psychological problems like depression, phobia, panic disorder, poor memory, somatic disorder, some people use alcohol to reduce anxiety.

Why to treat anxiety disorder?

  1. Anxiety can cause other psychological problems and some physical problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, poor immunity, headache, dark circles around the eyes, hair fall, weight loss.
  2. Many people go to physicians, cardiologist, neurologist, diabetologist to relieve thier physical symptoms but until anxiety is controlled physical symptoms are difficult to control.

How to treat anxiety disorder?

  1. Psychotherapy: CBT cognitive behaviour therapy
  2. Insight oriented therapy
  3. Medications


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