Bed wetting / How common is it:

Up To 5 to 10% of the child population suffer from bed wetting. 1% adults also suffer from bedwetting. Bedwetting is also known as enuresis. Bedwetting is more common among boys. Ratio between boys and girls is 80:20

Causes of bedwetting:

Urination is controlled by pons and midbrain parts of the brain. There is poor coordination between muscles of the urinary bladder and muscles which control the leakage of urine from urinary bladder. It may be due to impairment in mental development of the child, improper toilet training or some genetic factors. Sometimes exact reason may not be detected.

Symptoms of the bedwetting:

Child passes urine in sleep. Child is at least 5 years old. Bedwetting is done for at least 3 months.

Risks of bed wetting:

Child is at higher risk to develop Attention Deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD). Child may lose self esteem, social confidence. Sometimes child develops depression and anxiety disorders.

Treatment of bedwetting:
  1. Psychological help from psychiatrist
  2. Proper toilet training
  3. Record Keeping book for bedwetting
  4. Fluid restriction in night
  5. Bell and pad method

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