Bipolar disorder Mania:

In this mental illness person suffers from two phases of illness, one is depression another is mania.

Person has these symptoms:

  1. Mood changes: Mood is either irritable or elevated.
  2. Increased self esteem or grandiosity.
  3. Increased energy levels and increased activities.
  4. Decreased sleep.
  5. Talkativeness.
  6. Increased ideas in mind.
  7. Increased involvement in activities which main lead to negative consequences (Excessive spending of money, sexual behaviour, gambling)

How common is bipolar disorder:

Almost 2 – 3% population suffers from bipolar disorder.

Why to treat Bipolar Mania?

Bipolar Mania is very serious mental illness because person in bipolar Mania can do harmful activities for oneself and others. Person may undergo debt because of unnecessary money spending, person may assault others. Person may drive vehicle recklessly.

How to manage bipolar disorder mania?

In bipolar Mania person’s as well as other’s safety and security is very important.

Person should not be challenged in bipolar Mania.

Psychiatric treatment:

  1. Medications: Medicines are very important tool to control acute phase of bipolar Mania. Medicines help to prevent future episodes of bipolar mania and depression both.
  2. Psychological counselling or psychotherapy: Interpersonal Social Rhythm Therapy or IPSRT, Individual therapy, Family therapy.

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