Depression is a very serious and one of the commonest illnesses on earth.

Person with depression feels these symptoms –
1. Sadness, emptiness, hopelessness, irritable mood.
2. Decreased interest in activities of day today life.
3. Decreased energy or easy fatigaue.
4. Disturbed sleep pattern (difficulty in sleeping, early morning awakening, excessive sleepiness)
5. Disturbed appetite (increased or increased)
6. Disturbed body weight (increased or decreased)
7. Decreased ability to concentrate, memory problem, difficulty in decision making
8. Feeling of worthless, guilt, low self image, low self esteem.
9. Episodes of crying and suicidal thoughts.
10. Sexual changes

How Common is it:

Almost 20% population is suffering from depression.

Causes of depression:

1. Stress (family, economic, any loss)
2. Genetic
3. Alcohol and drug abuse.
4. Physical or mental illness.
5. Seasonal changes.
6. After delivery.
7. Some medicines.
8. Without any obvious cause.

Why to treat depression?

In depression person’s life becomes very difficult and miserable. Like other physical illnesses person becomes unable to perform day today activities of life. Person undergoes stress and his daily routine gets disturbed. Due to unable to perform daily activities economic loss occurs. Sometimes person tries to commit suicide.

How to come out of depression?

1. Treatment by psychiatrist
2. Counselling session by psychologist
3. Exercises
4. Yoga and meditation
5. Never hide your depression and suicidal thoughts. Always share your thoughts.

Results after treatment:

1. Most of the people respond very well to the combination of above mentioned treatment strategies.
2. After a certain time of treatment medicines are not required.
3. Medicines not required lifelong.

Final tip:

Never take a person lightly who talks about depression, sadness and suicidal thoughts.

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