Dissociation disorder

Dissociative Disorder Causes and Treatments

  1. Person presents with different symptoms like forgetfulness, fainting, loss of consciousness, inability to move body part (paralysis like symptoms), breathing problem, possession by spirit, clenching of teeth, cramps in body parts, launching of hands, difficulty in walking, irrelevant talks, loss of identity etc.
  2. Many times patient has history of stress in life, sometimes it becomes difficult to find out exact stressor.
  3. Investigations and clinical examination do not correlate with the clinical picture.

How common is dissociative disorder?

  1. Dissociative disorder is a common clinical entity.
  2. Almost 5% people suffer from dissociative disorder.
  3. Women suffer from dissociative disorder much more than men.

Why to treat dissociative disorder?

  1. Due to its diverse and dramatic clinical presentation patient’s caregivers become anxious and worried about patients clinical condition.
  2. Most of the patients initially go to other specialties like neurologist, cardiologist, general physician, ophthalmologist, ENT specialist, gastrologist etc.
  3. Patient and patient’s caregivers get exhausted after visiting multiple specialties.
  4. Psychiatric treatment should be started as early as possible. Because chronic patients of dissociation are difficult to treat.

How to treat dissociation disorder?

  1. Psychotherapy:
    • CBT cognitive behaviour therapy
    • Family therapy
    • Insight oriented therapy
  1. Medicines

Dissociative Disorder Treatment

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