How and When To Go To A Mental Health Professional?

How and When To Go To A Mental Health Professional?

Knowing what a psychiatrist is and what are the circumstances in which one should go to one is vital for us and for the people we love the most.

For this, it is necessary to be able to identify the symptoms that require the intervention of a psychiatrist or to have a specialist such as a psychologist, who is able to diagnose the need for psychiatry for a patient.

It is important that in case of presenting a mental health problem you get in touch with the best psychologist in Jaipur who will help you work on the problem and, if external help is required, contact the best psychiatrist in Jaipur to complement your treatment.

Here’s a little more information about psychiatrists and how to know when we need one- 

What is a Psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is a doctor who specializes in mental health problems.

Its most remarkable characteristic, and that allows it to be differentiated from a psychologist, is that it is trained to prescribe treatments for the restoration of mental health such as medication and brain stimulation therapies.

In addition, psychiatrists may also do a general health review, which includes the effects that the medication may be having on physical health.

Some psychiatrists are also trained in psychotherapy so they can provide this additional service to their patients. 

Under What Circumstances Do You Need To See A Psychiatrist?

Psychiatrists are responsible for the diagnosis of serious mental disorders and the evaluation of physical aspects of psychological problems. It is also important to bear in mind that you can go to them if difficulties arise suddenly or if they are suffered in the long term.

Some sudden problems for which a psychiatrist is generally seen are-

  1. Hallucinations
  2. Panic attack
  3. Hear voices
  4. Suicidal thoughts
  5. Among others.

And as for the problems that are suffered in the long term, they can be-

  1. Hopelessness
  2. Permanent feelings of sadness
  3. Anxiety
  4. And psychological symptoms that affect the performance and functionality of the person on a day-to-day basis

In the same way, a psychiatrist is consulted to

  1. The medical prescription of a psychotropic drug as a treatment
  2. Medication adjustment
  3. Evaluation and follow-up of treatment if complex side effects are experienced 

Symptoms That Require The Intervention Of A Psychiatrist

Another way to consider when to go to the best Psychiatrist doctor in Jaipur is to analyze changes in different scenarios of our life. 

Changes In Daily Life

There are disturbances in daily life that must be treated because they represent serious symptoms of mental health problems.

  1. Sudden weight loss
  2. Diet or excessive food intake
  3. Excess or lack of sleep
  4. Memory or concentration problems 

Changes In Mood

Similarly, changes associated with behavior and mood that occur with high intensity will be signs for a psychologist to recommend you to a psychiatrist-

  1. Abnormal excess worry
  2. Slowed or fast thinking
  3. Extreme mood swings
  4. Excessive and uncontrollable anger at partner, friends, family, or strangers 

Unusual Thoughts

While an online psychologist can help you with unusual thoughts, depending on the severity, it may require help from a psychiatrist.

Here are some signs to consider

  1. Permanent paranoid thinking
  2. Obsessions that cannot be controlled and are inordinate
  3. Excessive fear in which psychotherapeutic strategies are not enough
  4. Constant hallucinations 


Remember, if you present any of the aforementioned symptoms or observe long-term difficulties, do not hesitate to seek the guidance of the best Psychologist doctor in Jaipur. There are various top Psychiatrist Doctors in Jaipur who are also available online to help you with stimulation therapies.

You can also consult Dr. Kapil Sharma for any mental health issues you are facing.


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