OCD: Obsessive Compulsive disorder

  1. Person suffers from repetitive thoughts, urges, images.
  2. These thoughts, urges and images are unwanted.
  3. These thoughts, urges and images cause anxiety and distress to the person.
  4. Person tries to control or ignore these thoughts, urges and images.
  5. To control stress and anxiety person does repetitive behaviour (hand washing, checking, ordering) or mental activities (counting, praying, repetitive words)
  6. Because of these repetitive activities person suffers from unnecessary time consumption, distress, impairment in social and occupational life.


How common is OCD?

OCD is very common problem in society. In general 2 – 3% people suffer from OCD.

Causes of OCD: OCD happens due to multiple reasons.

  1. Neurotransmitter disregulations (serotonin, norepinephrine)
  2. Sometimes OCD is genetic.
  3. Due to some stress.
  4. Sometimes exact cause is not found

Why to treat OCD?

  1. OCD impairs person’s family, social and occupational life. Because patient spends excessive time in OCD.
  2. After a period person undergoes depression due to OCD. Sometimes person become suicidal also.
  3. Sometimes person starts using alcohol to relieve his oCD and depression

How to treat OCD?

  1. Psychotherapy: CBT cognitive behaviour therapy, insight oriented therapy, family therapy.
  2. MedicationsOCD Treatment Doctors in Jaipur 

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