Schizophrenia symptoms causes and treatments

It’s a type of Psychosis. Schizophrenia is one of the most debilitating mental illness.
How common is it?
Almost 1% population is suffering from schizophrenia.
In most of the cases schizophrenia starts between age of 15 to 30 years.
Symptoms of schizophrenia:
Person with Schizophrenia starts living in an imaginary world.
1. Delusion (false belief): Person may have any type of suspicion on any member of society or family.
2. Hallucinations: Person may hear false sounds or voices, may see invisible people or may feel abnormal sensations in body or may feel under control of external power.
3. Abnormal behaviour: Aggression, laughter, cry, disturbed sleep pattern, district appetite.
4. Irrelevant talks.
5. Negative symptoms: Loss of interest, aloofness, loneliness, social isolation.
Person may complain about ghosts due to hallucinations. Person may become fearful due to his suspicion (delusion) or hallucinations.
Why to treat schizophrenia?
Schizophrenia is very problematic mental illness. In schizophrenia person’s life and whole family life becomes very difficult and miserable. Person may become aggressive, socially isolated, unable to perform daily activities due to suspicion (delusion) or hallucinations. Person’s relationships become strained. Person’s earning becomes difficult.
How to treat schizophrenia?
1. Medications: Medicines are most important tool to treat schizophrenia.
2. Counseling or psychotherapy: Both types of counseling are required (Individual and family) psychotherapy.
Final tips:
1. Stay away from drugs, cannabis, ganja, bhang, Charas, weed, alcohol.
2. Don’t hide, don’t be ashamed, don’t feel guilty, and do not stigmatise the schizophrenia.
3. Spread awareness about schizophrenia & motivate for Psychiatric treatment.
4. Don’t believe in superstitions, tantra -Mantra, ghosts.

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