Social anxiety disorder or social phobia

  1. Person is fearful of social situations, social interactions, conversation, meeting.
  2. Person is fearful of eating, performing in front of people (giving a speech)
  3. Person thinks that he or she will act in a way which will be embarrassing.
  4. Person tries to avoid social gatherings, meetings, giving speech, eating publicly.
  5. Fear of these situations is out of proportion to the actual danger.

Why to treat social anxiety / social phobia?

  1. Social phobia must be treated for complete development of a person.
  2. Person with social anxiety, social phobia suffers from distress in social situations.
  3. Person’s social development, academic achievement, job performance is poor in social anxiety social phobia.
  4. After treatment of social anxiety social phobia person’s life becomes very easy and enjoyable.

How to treat social anxiety / social phobia?

  1. Psychotherapy: CBT cognitive behaviour therapy
  2. Desensitization
  3. Relaxation trainings
  4. Medications

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