The Importance Of Mental Health? Everything You Need To Know

The Importance Of Mental Health? Everything You Need To Know

Mental health is an integral part of a person’s health, which determines a person’s ability to know the world, to communicate, to convey their feelings. It is very important for the student’s development, the student’s well-being in the environment, his/her relationship and communication with peers and adults, the formation of his/her mindset, successful learning, resistance to harmful habits. In today’s time, students in their lives are facing depression, tension, helplessness, insecurity, and many other negative things. In this situation, you should immediately consult with the best Psychiatrist doctor in Jaipur.

Every year in India, the number of young people with mental health disorders – communication disorders, panic and fear attacks, and depression is increasing. In order for society to be healthy and dignified, we must improve the mental health of students by encouraging them to manage their feelings through physical activity, resist impulsive behavior, and strengthen their social and emotional skills.

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As the best Psychiatrist in Jaipur Dr. Kapil Sharma, physical activity develops and strengthens all body systems, affects their functions and vitality. During exercise, the body increases the production of endorphins (‘happiness hormones’), which suppress the stress response and cause a state of calm euphoria. Low levels of endorphins cause depression, muscle aches that lead to apathy or aggression.

Why Is It Important To Take Care?

  1. Our mental health affects our physical condition. (People with mental health problems usually have lower immunity)
  2. Our mental health can affect our families. Children of people with mental health problems are more likely to have behavioral and emotional disorders.
  3. Good mental health can lead to longer, happier lives. People who can enjoy good mental health have a longer life expectancy.

How You Can Improve It?

  1. Time spent in nature improves mood, calms, reduces stress, and increases self-confidence.
  2. Learn to live HERE and NOW. Try to focus all day on what you are doing right now.
  3. Build strong relationships with family and friends you care about.
  4. Think more positively about yourself. Strengthen your self-esteem, discover your sources of strength.
  5. Take care of yourself. It is important to take care of both physical and emotional needs.
  6. Learn from your own experience. Think about how you behaved in difficult situations, what helped and what was effective.
  7. Ask for help, talk with your friends, families and loved-one. Speaking makes it much easier to find a way out of any situation.
  8. Learn to plan. Well-thought-out plans help to use time rationally and achieve goals.
  9. Get enough sleep. 8-9 hours of sleep works wonders. Quality sleep improves work capacity and quality of life.
  10. The magic word is “NO”. Understand when and how much time to devote yourself. Avoid excessive liabilities.


It is important to keep the brain and body healthy. If you are not feeling well then consult the best psychologist doctor in Jaipur. Consider all these methods discussed above for a better result. Also, follow the medication or meditation suggested by the best psychologist in Jaipur.


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