Tobacco & Smoking Disorder

Tobacco addiction is among the most prevalent, deadly and costly addiction.

Tobacco addiction is most ignored and underestimated addiction. Because tobacco does not cause behavioural problems.

Tobacco users generally don’t seek psychiatric help for de-addiction.

Tobacco is legally available drug, so most people think that tobacco users and smokers do not have health problems.

W.H.O. estimates that there are more than 1 billion smokers in world. They smoke 6 trillion cigarettes in year.

Number of smokers in America are decreasing and in India number of smokers increasing.

Tobacco is used as cigarette, bidi, hukka, chilam, cigar, snuffing, chewing.

More than 75% of smokers have tried quit smoking. Almost 40% people try to quit every year. Only 5 – 10% percent smokers successfully quit smoking in every attempt.


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