What Is Mental Illness? And What Are The Treatments For Mental Disorders?

What Is Mental Illness? And What Are The Treatments For Mental Disorders?

Mental problems such as anxiety and depression can be normal reactions to stressful life situations and are often transient. It is important not to diagnose reactions as diseases that are normal in life, and at the same time, early detection of mental conditions can positively affect the prognosis.

Mental Health According To WHO

What the concept of mental health includes is discussed at the research level. A rigorous approach includes several aspects: emotional, psychological, and social well-being. According to the WHO, mental health is a state of mental well-being where each person can fulfill their own abilities, deal with general stresses, be productive and contribute to the society in which he or she lives. Mental health, therefore, means more than the absence of mental illness and includes both the individual experience and the relationship between the individual and the social context in which he/she lives.

Mental Health And Mental Illness Can Occur Simultaneously

The definition of mental health is not so clear, but most researchers agree that it is not just the absence of mental illness. Mental health is described as a state in which many facets of human existence function well, thus a person feels joy, feels good alone with himself, with other people, and in relation to society. According to some researchers, mental health and mental illness in an individual can occur at the same time.

How Is Mental Illness Diagnosed?

Serious mental illness is a psychiatric condition that manifests itself in a disorder that can be tested based on various diagnostic criteria. One of these diagnostic systems is the WHO International Classification of Diseases.

Here are some treatments that can help to overcome the situation-

  1. A medical history
  2. A physical exam and possibly lab tests, if your provider thinks that other medical conditions could be causing your symptoms
  3. A psychological evaluation. You will answer questions about your thinking, feelings, and behaviors.

The top Psychiatrist doctors in Jaipur have shared their views upon mental illness. When a person experiences mood or behavioral issues for a long time, a psychological evaluation may be required.

What Are The Treatments For Mental Disorders?

However, mental health relies upon which mental state the person is in and how genuine it is. If you are facing this issue you need to talk to the best Psychiatrist Doctor in Jaipur. You may likewise take medicines to overcome the problems.


If you feel unhealthy or are in depression or experiencing mood/behavioral issues for a long time then you should consult the best Psychiatrist in Jaipur.

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