Smack Addiction

What Is Smack Drug Addiction? How Smack Is Used?

What Is Smack?

Smack Drug Addiction is a semi-synthetic drug that comes from the plant opium or Afeem. Opium usually cultivated in India, Afghanistan. Smack is very addictive. Smack is an illegal drug in India. It looks like a white powder.

How Smack Is Used?

People put the smack on aluminum foil and light up the candle or match stick under this foil. Powder of smack gets turned into liquid and releases its vapours due to heat. Addict people sniff these vapours with the help of rolled paper or a tube.

What Is Smack Addiction

Smack gets to the brain quickly. People easily get addicted to smack due to it’s quicker action. Even after use of smack just for one or two times, it can be hard to stop from using it again.

Smack is very addictive. This means it causes physical and mental health problems, disabilities, and trouble at home and work as well.

Use of smack cause development of tolerance to smack. Tolerance means addict person has to take more and more smack to get the same effect. Body becomes dependent on smack. So when addict person quits using it, person suffers from withdrawal symptoms.

How Smack Works In Brain ?

Smack acts on opioid receptors in the brain. These opioid receptors are naturally present in our brain. Due to agonistic action on opioid receptors in the brain it makes person relaxed and provides pleasurable sensations. Addict person feels the torrent of pleasure, good feelings and joyfulness after taking smack. Addict person feels as if the world has slowed down. Addict person thinks slowly, his activities may get slowed. Many addicts feels it like a good dream.

What Are The Symptoms& Signs Of Smack Addiction?

– Slowed activities

– Slowed breathing rate

– Slowed pulse rate due to decreased heartbeat

– Decreased appetite

– Weight loss

– Altered personality

– Slurred or slower speech than usual

– Small or constricted pupil of the eyes

Long-term use of smack can lead to severe mental and physical health problems. Chronic use of smack can change the mentality of smack addict. Sometimes smack addiction leads to changes in personality of the addict after long term smack use. Smack Addiction may develop antisocial personality characters after long-term use. A person with a smack addiction may show behavioral changes e.g. they can no longer meet ordinary life obligations, changes in their emotions, self isolation.

Many smack addicts commit theft to gain money for smack. Smack addict person may develop depression, insomnia, loss of interest in daily life activities, job loss, constipation, skin infections, vomiting, lung infection, kidney problems, liver problems. Smack addicts are at high risk of HIV AIDS.

Is There Any Sexual Side Effect Of Smack?

Most of the smack addicts suffer from sexual side effects of smack. Smack addict person loses his interest in sexual activities. Many addicts suffer from premature ejaculations. Smack can cause erection problems. Most of the smack addicts suffer from a combination of these sexual side effects of smack.

Is It Difficult To Quit Smack Addiction?

Smack is a product of opium/ Afeem. Smack is a highly addictive substance. De-addiction of smack needs Psychiatric help to relieve his physical and psychological symptoms. Addict patient of smack suffers withdrawal symptoms when he reduces the dose of smack or abrupt stoppage of smack. Medicines are available to relieve the withdrawal symptoms of smack.

These are the common withdrawal symptoms of smack: body pains (especially in calves, back), pain abdomen, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, watery eyes, watery nose, sneezing, muscle cramps, feverish sensation, sensations of heat and cold, tremors and jitteriness, loss of appetite, nervousness, insomnia, bad dreams and sexual side effects of smack.

How To Get Help For Smack Addiction

Smack addict may deny having any problem with drugs. Even sometimes smack addicts deny his smack addiction. Smack addict can be treated in a Psychiatric hospital as well as OPD based residential treatment. De-addiction of smack needs high and regular motivation. Smack addict person should stop interaction with previous peers and friends of smack addiction to recover without any past triggers. Money supply to buy the smack should be monitored.

Treatment Of Smack Addiction:

Supervised Psychiatric treatment is key to success. Medicines of smack de-addiction should be given to the smack addict under care supervision. Regular Psychiatric consultation should be done.

De-addiction treatment includes medication and behavioral therapy. This is known as Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). MAT is the “gold standard” of smack addiction.

Medications can make it easier to detoxify the body. Medicines reduce the cravings. Medication-Assisted Treatment reduces the antisocial behaviour and let the addict to engage in productive life for family and society.

What to Do if You Think Someone Is Addicted To Smack!!

A smack drug addict may look like a normal person if person is using in low dose or he has been a recent (few days) user of drugs. An addict of smack who has been using smack for months/ years is relatively easy to suspect due side effects of smack. Smack addict may look like an ill person due changed food habits, loss of weight, loss of muscle mass, disturbed sleep patterns, vomiting, cough etc. They may seem sleepy and slowed. Drug addicted people almost always deny that they’re using drugs.

If you think a friend/ known person/ family member is using smack or any drugs, don’t wait and don’t expect things will get better automatically. Act right away without wasting a day in false hope. The sooner a person gets help, the better are the results. Most of the time care givers have to take the addicted person to a psychiatrist because an addicted person is stuck in the vicious cycle of drugs and drug peddlers.

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