Youth Suicide Thinking Solutions

Gya According to W.H.O. Suicide is second leading cause of death among youngsters. Unfortunately India is one of the top countries in suicide.

According to national crime reporting bureau 1.3 lakh people committed suicide in india in year 2016.

Suicide rates are rising in India.

Risk factors for suicide:

  1. Gender: Men commit more than women
  2. Age: 15 to 30 years.
  3. Marriage is protective in suicide. Separated, single, divorced, widowhood have higher rates
  4. Baby‘s birth is protective in suicide.
  5. Homosexuals have more rates of suicide than hetero sexual.
  6. Lack of job (unemployment) creates risk of suicide.
  7. Physical illness increase risk of suicide.
  8. Mental illness increase risk of suicide.
  9. Alcohol, drugs, cannabis (ganja, bhang, charas) increase risk of suicide.
  10. Borderline personality increase risk of suicide.
  11. Family history of suicide.

Suicide prevention:

  1. Always listen the person carefully who talks about suicide.
  2. Never take these persons lightly.
  3. Don’t underestimate females and youngsters in suicide commission.
  4. Take extra care of people with physical illness, mental illness, alcohol, drugs, separated, window, unemployed, without kids, previous attempts to commit suicide, family history of suicide.
  5. Seek immediate help of psychiatrist for suspected person.
  6. Do not stigmatise suicide.
  7. Reduce access to lethal arms (pistol, knife, blade, rope, poison)

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